Crazy Hairstyle Of The Day – Look Of The Lion – July 2017

July 7th, 2017 by

Well have we got a crazy crazy hairstyle for you today? Although this hair do is a little out there, there is no denying that the skill to make such a style must have required some considerable amount of talent. It’s actually more of a work of art than a hairstyle. I really can’t decide how I would react if I saw this in public.

I think staring in awe and amazement might be the appropriate reaction. Obviously this would be a one time deal I can’t imagine how it would hold up after sleeping on it and how many hours it would take to fix every morning.

All of that aside, even being as amazing as it is, it’s still a crazy hairstyle. Certainly after washing it out, one of our MKIII hair straighteners would come in handy getting her hair back to normal.

Bonus Crazy Hair Style Of The Day

Anyone for octopus hair?

Crazy hairstyle designed like an octopus

Crazy Octopus Hair

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