Resale Opportunities & Affiliate Program

Wholesale Hair Straightener Offers

We offer some great re-seller packages for Salons and Wholesale, with huge margins between .

For more information, please contact  Dalma at 1800 694 323 or e-mail admin(at) for a wholesale price list.

To check out some of our wholesale specials go to for out latest deals !

If you want to hold NO stock and Sell OzHead – Sign up as an Affiliate

If you want to resell our products without any of the fuss of actually holding stock, we have an affiliate program that would be perfect for you.

Our product has one of the best reputations in the hair straightener industry, terrific reviews, plus we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on all of our hair straighteners, not to mention features that leave the competition standing.

This is your chance to get in on the ground level while our product is relatively new. We have a limited number of spots for affiliates, so get in there and lock in your 20% commission rate, while it’s still so high.  This offer won’t be around forever.

The answer is COUPONS!  Here’s how it works …

1) we provide you with a page of coupons that you can print off – with a coupon code that’s 100% allocated to your use.

2) You can give the coupon or code to a friend or family member or even advertise the code on your own website or blog – basically give it to whoever you like.

3) Every time your personal coupon code is used on our website, your mate gets 20% off any purchase over $100 and you make 20% profit of their purchase price*

4) Simply apply using the form below and we will fix you up with your own coupon code.



* Example of how the commission scheme works.  Your coupon code can ONLY be used at our online checkout at Your Customer purchases an OzHead Goody box for $189.95. They receive a 20% discount on their purchase, so they pay $159.96 + shipping Incl GST. With the GST removed, you will receive a commission of the pre-GST price (before shipping charges) of $139.14 @ 20%, which comes to $27.62. Your coupon code can only be used against retail purchases and is not valid for wholesale orders. We will send your commission either via Paypal or bank deposit within 30 days of your customers purchase.  We reserve the right to withhold payments in situations, where for example your customer has made a credit card charge back, or has fraudulently used a Paypal account or credit card for their purchase and we will deduct any fees from your balance associated with a charge back or any fraudulent use. Commission will not be paid where the customer has requested a refund within our 14 day money back guarantee period. Commission is not paid on GST. OzHead reserve the right to vary these terms at any time. You agree that OzHead accept no claims for loss of income.  You agree that any DEMO UNIT provided are strictly for educational or demonstration purposes and you may not sell or otherwise provide this unit to a third party without the express written permission of OzHead Pty Ltd.