Handbag Shopping - Why Is It So Hard To Choose The Perfect Bag?

December 20, 2013

Handbags are the most talked about accessories. We all know women, who obsess over bags and spend hours online searching for the best deals and then pause before pressing the order button to rethink it all once again. Why choosing the perfect bag takes so much time and why so many women feel like they are facing the impossible dilemma?


Where trends end and uniqueness begins

Trends in the world of handbags are as fickle as the trends in seasonal collections. Maybe even more so, since the best handbags are quickly copied and manufactured in cheaper versions. In result few months after the premiere of the new high fashion designer handbag the streets are full of women, who are carrying cheap knockoffs of that beautiful bag you fell in love with.

Not to mention the actual popularity of certain fashion brands among women, who just need to own that new model and take it everywhere they go. No wonder that the most exclusive handbags in the world are manufactured and sold at very limited volume, making it almost impossible to spot two identical items sported down the same street.

But these handbags are super difficult to get and cost too much for most of us. In result many women feel like they need to get ahead of the trends and choose bags, which have that unique, difficult to copy appeal. One possible solution to this problem is to look for less popular handmade designer bags, created by artists and luxury brands known only to the fashion mavens and bag savvy fashionistas.


The cost of luxury

Let’s be honest – in current economy if we have to spend $2,000 on one fashion item, most of us thinks twice before making the decision. Unfortunately, the best high fashion designer bags are not cheap. And once you start using the purse you cannot return it and its value decreases with time.

Most of us can buy such an expensive bag only once every few years, for some spending that much on a bag is once in a lifetime kind of a venture. So it is easy to imagine why making the decision is so hard. Is the bag interesting/ durable enough that I won’t get bored with it/ it won’t wear out too quickly? What these buyers are trying to do is to estimate the real value of the handbag, that includes the quality of fabrics, the way the bag will fit the changing trends and their own personal tastes.


In need of self-expression

Bags are like clothes – they are meant to express our own sense of style and say something about who we are. In popular opinion, some of the high fashion bags belong to a certain stage in woman’s life, when she has reached the desired social status and matured enough to carry the bag with a casual elegance and sophisticated grace.

Many women wait for that perfect moment in life, when buying the designer bag feels right and until that day comes they keep dreaming about that one bag with a special meaning to them.


About The Author:

This article was offered by the fashion lover Irina Kovalyova who is a style representative from EliteCouturier - cool designer bags online shop.

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