2016 Winter Special Offers

Pack Of 10 Hair Straighteners, Wholesale Christmas Special

10 Hair Straighteners – Super Special

OzHead’s Most Crazy Special Ever!

Normal Retail Value Over $1,500. That’s a Whopping Profit Per Unit!
Price: $799.00
(Inc. GST) + Shipping

OzHead Hair Straightener Demo Unit

OzHead MKIII Single/Demo Unit

Try before you buy!

Test our Straighteners at wholesale price before you buy bulk.
Price: $99.00
(Inc. GST) + Shipping


OzHead Special Offers for Hairdressing and Beauty Professionals

Hair Straightener Hair Care Package

OzHead Hairdresser Apprentice Pack

Everything you need as a professional hairdresser for an unbeatable price

Normal Retail Value Over $600
Price: $299.00
(Inc. GST) + Shipping

OzHead Salon Starter Pack

OzHead Salon Starter Pack

Normal Retail Value Over $1,500 – That’s a HUGE ┬áProfit Margin

Wicked Special Offer To Get Your Salon Going With Great Products
Price: $499.00
(Inc. GST) + Shipping