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OzHead Wholesale Straightener


Price: $99.00
(Inc. GST) + Shipping

Product Description

This straightener is available to bulk buyers, qualified salons and approved affiliates only. OzHead reserves the right to reject purchase of this item, if at our sole discretion, we believe you do not fit into an applicable category.

The MKIII Hair Straightener is the revolutionary new hair straightener from OzHead Australia. With it’s new vibrating heat plates and enhanced light-weight design, we’re certain you’ll never want to use another brand of hair straightener again.

Some of the fantastic features of the MKIII include our state of the art Microchip Temperature Control which regulates heat safely, with LED display to show when your OzHead’s are ready to use. User temperature Control from 120°C to 230°C allowing you to choose the right heat for your hair. Coupled with rapid heat up and fast heat recovery for continuous straightening.

Our next generation floating and vibrating heat plates ensure maximum contact with the surface area of your hair together with a gentle vibrating action means much faster and smoother straightening for all hair types.

The OzHead MKIII is now available in Sleek Black, Deep Purple and Lime Green with a set of new features that leaves the competition standing in the dust.

Alongside our great list of features, OzHead offer all of our customers an amazing ‘No quibble’ 14 day full money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.

OzHead MKIII Features:

  • Vibrating Plates
  • Triple Safety Features
  • 3 Metre “Super Soft” Rubberised Power Cord
  • Superb Temperature Control
  • Dual Voltage
  • Floating Heating Plates
  • Microchip Temperature Control
  • Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Solid & Lightweight Design
  • MCH Heating Technology
  • Extremely Even Heat Distribution


Vibrating Plates *NEW*:

Now standard on the MKIII. Gentle vibrating action means much faster and smoother straightening for all hair types.

Triple Safety Features *NEW*:

Auto shut off after 72 Mins, Over Heat Protection and Over Voltage/Current Protection.

3 Metre “Super Soft” Rubberised Power Cord *NEW*:

A Power Cord that won’t get in your way when straightening, plus 360° swivel action.

Superb Temperature Control *NEW*:

120°C to 230°C with rapid heat up and heat recovery for continuous straightening.

Dual Voltage:

110V – 240V AC – Now you can use your OzHead while travelling all over the World.

Floating Heating Plates:

OzHead MKIII heating plates are gently sprung to ensure the plates get maximum and even contact with your hair.

Microchip Temperature Control:

Regulate heat safely, with LED display to show when your OzHead’s are ready to use. Temperature ranges from 80°C to 230°C for even the most stubborn hair.

Tourmaline Ceramic:

Provides Ionic Emissions and Far-Infrared Heat closes the cuticle layer of your hair that helps to protect your hair from damage by locking in moisture and your own natural oils. Ultimately leaving your hair frizz free, shiny and super soft.

Solid & Lightweight Design:

Makes straightening effortless for long periods of time – one reason why OzHead is selected as the straightener of choice by many salon professionals.

MCH Heating Technology:

The next generation in ceramic hair straightening technology lies at the heart of all OzHead straighteners for reliability, rapid heat-up and fantastic heat recovery. MCH is far superior to the PTFC heaters used in many hair straightening irons.

Extremely Even Heat Distribution:

If you have ever used another hair straightener and wondered why it burned your hair, hot spots are likely the cause and happen because some areas of the heating plates get MUCH hotter than others even at lower settings. We have made sure that our heat plates give extremely even heat distribution.

Money Back Guarantee

You might think we’re crazy, but we offer a 14 day full money back guarantee on all of OzHead’s  MKIII Straighteners, simply return the Straightener to us with in the first 14 days of receiving the product and we’ll refund every cent. Insanity right? Guess you’ll have to pick one up to see just how mad we really are. 🙂

How can we do this?

We’ve had so many customers that have tried to claim on warranty on their “other” named brand hair straighteners and been given the cold shoulder and we wanted to be different. We take the view that you work hard for your money and shouldn’t be given the run around. After all, if we have to replace a faulty item, we might as well do it quickly and keep you happy. We have also worked extremely hard on our build quality so we don’t get many faulty units back. Bargain for everyone 🙂

Now the small print. Warranty doesn’t cover you if you have dropped it in the sink, gunked it up with hair products, left it where the dog can chew it, sat on it, left it on the bus, your mate pinched it or any act of God. The warranty strictly covers failure through normal use when used in accordance with the instructions and common sense.

Why buy OzHead and not the others?

OzHead is Australian owned and operated. OzHead Hair Straighteners were conceptualised right here in Australia in 2006 with pure quality in mind, built to exacting standards for professional use and come with a whole range of features that blow the competition out of the water.

We take pride in providing exceptional value for money and complete satisfaction to our customers. Our money back guarantee and warranty scheme are unique in the hair straightening industry. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase and offer a full “no quibble” 14 day money back guarantee for you to experience OzHead for yourself.
*Terms & Conditions apply.
** 3 Year Warranty excludes demo products or those used in a commercial environment such as hotels & motels, gymnasiums, health clubs, hair salons and beauty salons. OzHead offer a 6 month full replacement warranty on all commercially used products.  Commercial products that fall out of warranty, please contact us for our current special rate on reduced price replacement units.  (currently $45 + GST + shipping until  01/06/2015)

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