About OzHead

In 2005, teenage daughter of busy mum Dalma Hutchinson, asked for a named brand pink hair straightener for Christmas. After visiting her local salon and saw the price at well over $300, she picked her jaw up off the floor, went home and had a few glasses of wine with her family.

After a few hours of brainstorming, said teenage daughter suggested “why don’t you start up your own company?” A plan was hatched, and after almost a year of careful research, pain and relentless testing, the first OzHead hair straightener was available in Australia.

OzHead’s approach to the market was to be a very unique one, with 3 main areas of focus:

Our philosophy is that with any business, you can best judge a company by how they resolve their customers problems. After talking to family & friends, salon owners and following other peoples reviews on the web, we found that people were really upset with the general level of customer service in the industry.

When you are paying a lot of money for a product, you expect it to work properly and reliably. So many times we had heard the horror stories of straighteners going belly up after the 12 month warranty had expired. When paying hundreds of dollars for a product, it’s just a kick in the teeth to find you can’t get it repaired or replaced.

We go the extra mile and build something that is going to last and offer a warranty that reflects our confidence. As far as we know our 3 year replacement warranty is unique in the hair straightener industry plus we try and turn around warranty replacements in 24-48 hours by express post.

We don’t do expensive flashy advertising and we work hard to keep our costs down. We grow by word of mouth, reviews and customer referrals. Our hair straighteners are made with ‘Must Have’ features such as:

Variable Heat Control

Long & Soft Power Cables
Fast Heat Up & Heat Recovery
Even Heat Distribution
Multiple Safety Features
OzHead is 100% Australian owned and operated.
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